"From growing pains to

growing old pains"

Use Hot or Cold

Just place across shoulders or area of interest

  • sore muscles

  • ear aches

  • stomach aches

  • comfort

  • cold and sore feet

  • insomnia

  • headaches

  • migraines

  • back and shoulder pain

  • surgery recovery

  • stress

  • sore throats

Handmade corn filled soft fleece or flannel bags. Microwave for up to 3 min for a hot pack that will stay warm 1-2hours or simply freeze for a cold pack. Loosens and relaxes muscles. Slip away into relaxation mode and ease pain with these handmade bags. 

sore muscles and pain

From the freezer or out of the microwave place the corn bag on any sore or painful muscles.

Ear ache, stomach ache

Place warm corn bag on ears, head or stomach and the heat will pull the pain out.

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warmth and comfort

From cold or sore feet from a long day to just a warm comfortable snuggle.

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